Questions & Answers (English )

Q.২০১৬ সালের ম্যান বুকার পুরষ্কার কে লাভ করেন?
Ans:Han Kang (হান কাঙ)
Q.‘Silent Woman’ এর লেখক কে?
Ans:Ben Jonson
Q.‘Renaissance’ কথাটির অর্থ কি?
Ans:The revival of life
Q.EPZ এর পূর্ণরূপ কী হবে?
Ans:Export Processing Zone.
Q.What does the mean of SWIFT ?
Ans:Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
Q.What is the antonym of the word ‘ Famous ‘
Q.The Rainbow is a novel by
Ans:D. H. Lawrence.
Q.The opposite word of ‘sluggish ‘
Q.The synonyms of ‘Genesis’
Q.‘Paradise lost’ attempted to
Ans:Justify the ways of God to man
Q.William Shakespeare died at
Q.Why were the daffodils in Wordswoth’s “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” dancing?
Ans:There was a strong wind.
Q.Why is the poet so sad to see the daffodils in “The Daffodils”?
Ans:The poet is sad because the flowers remind him of his own death.
Q.Who wrote “Cowards die many times before their death”?
Q.Who is the writer of “The Good Earth”?
Ans:Pearl S Buck
Q.Which of the following is the famous work of poet Alexander Pope…
Ans:Rape of the lock.
Q.Which of the following ages in literary history is the latest?
Ans:The Georgian Age
Q.The literary work ‘Kuble Khan’is -.
Ans:a verse by Coleridge
Q.The lexicographer is a person who writes….
Q.The father of modern English poetry
Ans:Jeffrey Chaucer
Q.The father of English poem ……
Ans:Geoffrey Chaucer
Q.‘Out and Out’ means–
Q.Try hard lest you———–fail.
Q.I have been doing is———
Ans:Present Perfect Continuous
Q.Fast-food restaurants have become popular in our country because many working people————
Ans:eat quickly and cheaply
Q.I wish i —— wonderful man.
Q.He ran fast lest he———- miss the train.
Q.Chose the antonym for ‘Exodus’
Q.Choose the synonym for this ‘Shame’
Ignominty: a situation or event that causes you to feel ashamed or embarrassed
Q.The synonym of ‘identical’ is —–
Ans:Exactly the same